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QOOL are currently the most powerful passive coolers. For me, it's a win-win because we camp on sites without electricity.

The off-grid cooling powerhouse

The QOOL Box is like a range extender for our off-grid surfing & fishing trips around the coasts of Europe. We do not want to miss anymore the possibility of keeping the fresh catches conserved for our return to home or to extend our little van-freezer so we can store more than a one-day catch of fish.
There are hardly any alternative passive coolers that make such consistent use of maximum insulation. I tested the Qool Box M with different Temperature Elements and ice cubes and I have to say that I am really impressed.
The new Explorer Magazine is out and we are in! With a special issue the ABENTEUER & ALLRAD, Germany's biggest offroad event, presents the greatest innovations of the 2020 season.
With QOOL, va-Q-tec brings advanced temperature control technology closer to private buyers an not only offers a cooler that keeps drinks and food cool at the same temperature, but also offers five different temperature ranges that provides, on the one hand the perfect storage conditions for a red wine and, on the other hand reaches the "freezing point".

A blue Thermo Miracle

The trade magazines "Match Angler and Carp Mirror" have taken a close look at our QQOL boxes during a fishing trip.

A self-sufficient Cooler

A common outdoor problem: How do you keep perishable food fresh? The Swiss Outdoor and mountain sport magazine "Outdoor Guide" provides comprhensicve information about the outdoor world and new products. Our QOOL Box M was also introduced.
The German insider magazine "Waffenmarkt-Intern" reports on the winning of the QOOL Box at the Design and Innovation Award.

The best cooler I ever had

Finally find some peace and quiet. This was the idea when my girlfriend and I booked this year’s trip to Sweden. For nine days we paddled on our own in a canoe through the Swedish lakeland.

What a clever system

Every year, the Design & Innovation Award honors the most outstanding products in the bike, outdoor and tourism industry. This year, the QOOL Box was also a winner.

Who needs a compressor cooler?

Family, the Bulli and exceptionally good weather for Saint Peter Ording - What more do you need? For one week we enjoyed sand, sun, wind & sea and could only get fresh, chilled food from the QOOL® box. Nobody missed our old compressor cooler.

QOOL days in Italy

The QOOL Box was perfect for our long mountain bike weekend at Kronplatz. With temperatures over 35° C we were glad to have cool drinks all day long.

The perfect training partner

My name is Leonie and I am a long-distance swimmer for SV Würzburg 05. For training camps and competitions, I travel around the world with my team. Especially when we are in hot regions I like to get a refreshing hydration from the QOOL Box during the races or after exhausting trainings.

My mobile fridge

Last weekend I used the QOOL Box during my camping trip as a mobile refrigerator replacement. It not only defied the outside temperatures of 42 °C, but it was also able to cool down warm drinks.
For my customer visits I often travel with various delicacies. It is important that the food has a certain temperature even after hours of transport. Recently I wanted to bring a fresh Nidelkuchen to a customer meeting. This is a Swiss one-day speciality for which cool storage is particularly important, otherwise the cake will melt. I was driving with the QOOL Box from Bernese Seeland to Lake Geneva.

Endurance test in Australia

Traveling into the Australian Outback with the QOOL Box? No problem. During my two day camping trip I convinced myself.
Since I received my QOOL Box, it has become the perfect companion for my wine tastings. Until now, I have always had problems bringing my wine bottles to my customers at optimal tasting temperatures.

Perfect, Perfect!

Once around the world with the world's best QOOL box: In an unprecedented test, Sergio Dondoli, the two-time Ice Cream World Champion, sends the multiple award-winning ice cream from Würzburg to Argentina for the Ice Cream World Championship.

Impressive cooling performance

At the ISPO 2019 - the world's largest trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion - I have selected the QOOL Box as the ISPO Gold Winner in the outdoor category with my jury colleagues.
The versatility of the QOOL Box is also shown in my catering service. From the purchase of the food to the use of the prepared food, everything was perfectly cooled.
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