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Innovative cooling technology for your adventure


Because we’re your reliable companion in any situation – regardless of where your journey takes you. Because you can minimize your ecological footprint with our durable premium products, which are made in Germany: consume less energy, conserve natural resources, and avoid waste. Because we only use top-quality materials, which we source from partners in the region.

Because we offer independence: you can rest assured that what’s cold will stay cold and what’s hot will stay hot! Based on our brand values – premium, performance, and sustainability – we guarantee temperature stability for transported and stored goods all over the world – throughout life.






Our vision is to increase thermal energy efficiency around the globe. With our innovative and efficient solutions, we’re therefore doing our part to help reduce the amount of energy consumed worldwide. We also guarantee superior production standards and are committed to German-made quality. In other words, in addition to our products being produced in Germany, we also source our components exclusively from German suppliers.