​Nieuw: 10 jaar QOOL® kwaliteitsgarantie op uw QOOL Box!
  • Gratis verzending in GER
  • 8-10 werkdagen verzendtijd
  • Made in Germany
  • 10 jaar kwaliteitsgarantie

For my customer visits I often travel with various delicacies. It is important that the food has a certain temperature even after hours of transport. Recently I wanted to bring a fresh Nidelkuchen to a customer meeting. This is a Swiss one-day speciality for which cool storage is particularly important, otherwise the cake will melt. I was driving with the QOOL Box from Bernese Seeland to Lake Geneva. Once there, the Nidelkuchen was perfectly cooled and in shape.

- Patrick -

- Patrick
Nidelkuchen transport through Switzerland Nidelkuchen transport through Switzerland

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