​Nieuw: 10 jaar QOOL® kwaliteitsgarantie op uw QOOL Box!
  • Gratis verzending in GER
  • 8-10 werkdagen verzendtijd
  • Made in Germany
  • 10 jaar kwaliteitsgarantie

The QOOL Box is like a range extender for our off-grid surfing & fishing trips around the coasts of Europe. We do not want to miss anymore the possibility of keeping the fresh catches conserved for our return to home or to extend our little van-freezer so we can store more than a one-day catch of fish. The cooling effect of the QOOL Box is so powerful, it even allows us to load it with fish after 11days into the trip - making it the perfect box for the classic 2week surf & fishing trip.

The QOOL Box (size M) still fits our van full of surf gear and the fact that is running without any electricity makes storing options very flexible. I would always prefer the QOOL Box over an expensive 12V freezer solution.

- David & Petra
The off-grid cooling powerhouse The off-grid cooling powerhouse

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