​Nieuw: 10 jaar QOOL® kwaliteitsgarantie op uw QOOL Box!
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  • 10 jaar kwaliteitsgarantie

At the end of last year, we were on the road for three weeks in Scotland with our SUV, roof tent and dog. During our travels we love to be as autarchic as possible. Therefore, we take most of the food with us from the first day. For us it was very comfortable to be able to use the QOOL box for the perishable food. The box can be easily stored between the other things in the vehicle. Also it was no problem to freeze the cooling elements over night on a camping site again. The next day we went on without any problems.

- Peter & Gaby
Through the Scottish Highlands with wind and weather Through the Scottish Highlands with wind and weather

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QOOL Box M mit 4 Temperature Elements
QOOL Box M met 4 temperatuurelementen
Zonder stroomvoorziening
Houdt de temperatuur constant tot 10 dagen
Gemaakt in Duitsland
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